From leadership training to Customer Relations Management training,

Dominic provides customized training to help individuals at all levels in a business.

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  • Identify WMDs (Weapons of Mass Distraction) and how to avoid their negative impact on you, others and the organization

  • Create clear and manageable delegation agreements that inspire and engage people to take responsible actions

  • Restore Broken Agreements to continue the actions that produce meaningful results and maintain accountability

Sales Operations for Administrators

  • Customize your Org for Sales and Service Effectiveness
  • Train and Communicate the Selling Process for Salesforce Adoption
  • Collaborate with Sales Leadership to Improve the Process

Sales Managers

  • Manage your sales teams with meaningful conversations
  • Create Reports and Dashboards that improve sales effectiveness
  • Use Salesforce Data Effectively in your Weekly One-On-One Meetings

Productivity for Sales People

  • K.I.S.S  (Keep It Standard Salesforce) functionality to improve personal productivity
  • Data triggers effective sales habits
  • Reports help you manage your entire business

Here is a small sampling of keynote topics that Dominic can share with your team.
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