You will learn:

  1. The End User Experience and how to evaluate changes based on your users
  2. About the Salesforce Success Cloud and all the options available in the Salesforce Ecosystem
  3. How Data is Stored and Secured in the Cloud
  4. How to customize your data to meet your business needs
  5. How to create automation to streamline your data processes
  6. How to use List Views, Reports, and Dashboards to manage User Adoption and Data Integrity
  7. How to improve your customer experience with excellent customer service
  8. How to review and improve your Salesforce Org for effectiveness and efficiency

By the end of this course, you will be able to implement and customize your Salesforce ORG to improve Sales Operations and support Revenue Growth by leveraging features of the Salesforce Cloud:

Estimated Time: 64 Hours of Live Instruction, 16 Live Q&A Sessions, a Cohort Study Group, Alumni interaction and one-on-one coaching as needed*

Difficulty: Intermediate


Salesforce SuperHero Sales Operations

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