Are YOU the Salesforce SuperUser for Your Company’s Sales Team?

This course is specifically designed for the full-time sales operations person that is “Also” the Salesforce “Go To, Supposed to ‘know it all’ and struggles to ‘figure it out’ Administrator” sometimes known as the #AccidentalAdmin or #AlsoAdmin.

If you are like a lot of Salesforce Super Users, then you are the one that everybody goes to for help when using Salesforce at your company; and while you derive a level of satisfaction, joy and dare I say, pride in being the SuperHero SuperUser, it can be difficult at times.

The Inconvenient Truth about Sales Operation Training Options

Learning Salesforce is hard AND it takes time. You only have three choices:

1.) Take 5 Days off and immerse yourself in Technical Training that may not accurately address Sales Operations. Many of the courses offered provide technical instruction that don’t directly relate to your Sales Environment. Plus, you have to sort through all that technical information and convert it to your sales team requirements and figure out the best way to implement those technical features in the best way to impact the sales team in a positive way. This is the most common method but it is a HUGE Investment in time and money that takes you away from your job for multiple days in a row and when you return to work, you’re forced to play “catch up” and attempt to remember what you learned in the previous week.

2.) Try to take study on your own. Salesforce and the internet are FULL of training resources that are FREE or very Low Cost. The challenge is gathering that information in a logical and systematic way that provides the stable foundation you and your organization need to actually get the most effective design. You can get lost on trails, use the wrong solution that make it harder on yourself (and others) in the future.

3.) Hire a certified coach, trainer, and a cohort to support you. The challenge is that you must follow the design of the course and apply the information to your organization as you learn it and that requires patience, faith and persistence. The major benefit is that you will use the information to make improvements to your Salesforce org with the support of your trainer, coach and cohort which insures that you are making better decisions to improve your Sales Revenue Operations. You can also leverage the information covered to prepare yourself for the all important certification if you are not already certified as an Administrator.

Of course, I recommend Option 3; However, the other two options Are also Valid! They have their place in the world and I do those all the time for Salesforce. So, if you want that… please register at today.
Otherwise, register for the inaugural course that I’m leading in 2020. You’ll always be glad that you did.

This course IS for you if:

  • You really care that your Salesforce Org is set up correctly for maximum sales revenue operations
  • You are willing to invest the time and effort to learn the technical structure of Salesforce
  • You know that this is only the beginning of your learning journey with Salesforce
  • You are ready, willing and able to help others learn what you know well to support their success
  • You want to be certified to demonstrate your skills and experience and earn the right to have the System Administrator profile assigned to you
  • You have tried to learn on your own and are tired of getting lost, wandering and stumbling into uncertain solutions
  • You care enough to help your coworkers and your cohort to succeed

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You only want the Admin certification
  • You don’t like helping others learn and grow
  • You want to get a job at a different company
  • You want to bully your boss for a raise
  • You think that this is easy
  • You don’t plan to attend every session and give your best to the success of your company and your fellow students

By the end of this course, you will be able to implement and customize your Salesforce organization to improve Sales Operations and Support Revenue Growth with essential features for the Sales Cloud

Estimated Time: 64 Hours of Instruction, 16 Q&A Sessions, Cohort Study Group, and one-on-one coaching as needed*

Specifically, you will be trained to be a:

Setup new sales users with the appropriate access and permissions needed to work with Salesforce data.

Understand how to customize the Salesforce application to reflect your business needs, from setting currencies to creating custom fields.

Prepare data for Import and export to and from Salesforce. Ensure data cleanliness through validation rules.

Enrich dashboards and reports so you, and your users, can analyze the data within Salesforce.

Remove barriers to data management when you automate sales processes, lead generation, and opportunity management.

Help improve collaboration, sharing, and knowledge exchange within your company.

Expand the productivity tools built into Salesforce for a better sales user experience.

Remove existing customization that was implemented without a full understanding of your company goals and objectives.

Optimize your business sales data management to increase sales revenue and boost company profits.

*Coaching by instructor available based on instructor availability. Peer coaching is part of the design of the program and is why we teach the class as a Cohort as this mimics the behavior of all #AwesomeAdmin users around the globe.

Salesforce Administrator Certification exam outline to support NON-Certified Students pass their Certification Test (If needed)

The following guidance from Salesforce should help determine what your exam will cover, as well as the weighting of each topic in the context of the test.

Topic Weighting ~# Questions
Organization setup 2% 1-2
User setup7% 3-4
Security and access 14% 8-9
Standard and custom objects15% 8-9
Sales and marketing applications15% 8-9
Service and support applications12% 6-7
Desktop and mobile administration1% 1
Activity management and collaboration3% 1-2
Data management8% 4-5
Analytics 10% 6
Workflow/process automation12% 6-7
AppExchange1% 1

The exam is designed to measure practical knowledge and experience of the aforementioned areas, which is why it is highly recommended to have worked in a Salesforce administrative capacity as well as studied all of the recommended resources. Also bear in mind that the exam was designed by seasoned Salesforce experts, and therefore the weighting of each topic reflects the importance of that knowledge in practice.